Is there any proof or study I can look into that show that caregivers raise their patients mood?

When someone in the family needs Caregivers 24Hours a day, the family is faced with numerous decisions, none of them easy and most of them expensive. One of the biggest questions is whether to seek professional Caregiver Home Care or try to get by with members of the family helping out.

Several studies show that a 24Hour Homecares system provides benefits that even the most loving family cannot. One paper, published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, compared 30 studies on the effects of home care and found that professional care not only improves the patient’s mood, it improves quality of life for everyone in the household. Benefits include:

Increased enjoyment. Experienced caregivers are better able to match enjoyable activities to a patient’s capabilities than family members, who understandably relate to the patient as his or her “old self.” For some patients, such as stroke victims, the right activities can also improve skills and boost self-confidence.

Decrease loneliness. Patients confined to home often feel isolated and over-looked. Caregiver Home Care expands the patient’s social contact, a key factor in mental stability and mood.

Decrease negative feelings. Patients can feel guilty about being a burden to those they love, while family members often feel resentment at having to shoulder unmanageable burdens and guilt for having such feelings. When a caregiver shares the responsibility, tension decreases, allowing family members relate to each other without these barriers.

Allow household to follow a normal schedule. Having Caregivers 24Hours allows family members to follow the schedule they are used to. This means those who work outside the home don’t have to give up their jobs, cut back on hours, or jeopardize careers by having to take large amounts of time off. It also allows family members to get sufficient sleep, socialize outside the home, and participate in activities important to them.

Improve family functioning. Many family members learn skills and techniques from caregivers, such as how to lift a patient or dress them. This decreases anxiety and boosts confidence and optimism. Family members who initially feel overwhelmed often gain the self-confidence to cope with the patient on their own for periods of time.

Save money. While hiring caregivers presents an initial expense, many studies found that 24Hour Homecares saves money over time. Patients are able to stay in the home longer, postponing and sometimes altogether avoiding the massive expense of institutional care. It can also avert costly crises, such as family dissolution, treatment for depression, or emergency surgery for the partner who develops a hernia trying to lift a paralyzed spouse.